WHL Scholarships


"WHL players are outstanding students. Many graduate from High School with Honours standing."

The WHL provides the top young hockey talent in the west with the opportunity to develop their skills on the ice at the highest possible level, without compromising their academic goals.

Each WHL Club's Education Advisor, along with the WHL Director of Education Services, tracks the academic progress of all players throughout the season. While playing in the WHL, players receive financial assistance for education expenses such as high school tutoring or fees for post-secondary courses, to ensure players reach their academic potential.

While a player's primary on-ice goal is to win the WHL Championship and compete for the storied Memorial Cup, it is equally important for that player to set his sights on academic success as well. WHL Club's are governed by League-wide Education Standards that ensure players complete their high school in timely fashion and achieve the highest level of academic success possible.

The WHL is committed to recognizing academic excellence. Awards are presented annually to the WHL's Scholastic Player and Scholastic Team of the Year.

"Each year, the WHL awards over 400 scholarships to current and graduate players to attend a post secondary institution of their choice in North America."

The WHL recognizes the paramount importance that parents and players place on education. That is why the WHL and Canada West Universities have teamed up to provide - Western Canada's Premiere Hockey Scholarship.

For every season a player plays in the WHL, they receive a full year guaranteed Scholarship, including tuition, textbooks and compulsory fees, to a post-secondary institution of their choice. For example, players graduating from a four-year WHL career are eligible to receive four years of scholarship funding. The WHL Scholarship, combined with additional financial assistance from Universities in Western Canada, makes the WHL - Canada West Universities joint scholarship equivalent to any other offer available in North America today.

Since 1993, Western Hockey League Clubs have provided close to 5,000 Scholarships representing an investment in excess of $17 million, making the WHL the leading provider of hockey scholarships in Western Canada.

The WHL Scholarship not only encourages its graduates to pursue a post-secondary education, it also affords graduates the opportunity to continue playing hockey at an elite level in the Canadian University or College systems. Each year over 230 WHL graduates receive a WHL Scholarship.

"WHL graduates make up the majority of players on the rosters of teams in the Canada West University Conference."

For further information on the WHL Scholarship or Education programs please contact:

Education Services
Work: 403.693.3023
Email: scholarshipadmin@whl.ca

Frequently Asked Questions...

1. Can you play Canadian University or College Hockey after playing in the WHL?

Universities and Colleges in Canada utilize WHL graduates extensively. Players in the WHL earn financial aid for post-secondary education while they are playing. In addition to that assistance, players remain eligible for scholarships available at Canadian institutions. If a WHL player wishes to, he can attend university or college in Canada, continue playing hockey at a high level of competition, and utilize academic and athletic scholarships in addition to education assistance earned during his WHL career.

2. How does participation in the Western Hockey League affect U.S. College eligibility?

The NCAA in the United States rules that if a player plays a game in the WHL or signs a Standard Player Agreement, he forfeits his eligibility to participate in hockey.

3. How does the WHL Scholarship work?

Players go to school while playing in the WHL, with their team paying for any expenses incurred. Many older players start their post-secondary programs. When a player joins the WHL, he signs a Standard Player Agreement through which he earns financial aid for every year that he plays in the WHL. Basically, a player receives one year of tuition and books for each year he plays in the WHL.

For further information on the WHL Scholarship or Education programs please contact:

Education Services
Work: 403.693.3023
Email: scholarshipadmin@whl.ca